I'm Syreta Toson.

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    Transformational Speaker

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    My mission is to transform and inspire. As a motivational speaker and podcaster I propose that triumph is always available to us during and after facing life's adversities. My Youtube series is based on mindset change and the ways in which simply changing one's thinking can empower you in ways you may have never thought.


    In 2008, I found myself in prison for second-degree murder, after a series of bad decisions that included drug addiction and staying in an abusive relationship. That abuse led me to shooting my abuser, and more than 14 years in jail.

    Released in September of 2022, my subsequent success is a story of transformation that I want to share with others who are facing adversity.

    - Syreta Toson

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    Thank you for coming to Illinois and sharing with us your story and the story of the women you left behind. You have a powerful story. You are an example of why I feel connected to the men and women still impacted by the criminal legal system. Keep doing the work you are doing. We need you!

    -Joseph Mapp

    Director of Re-Entry at Precious blood ministry of Reconciliation NFP


    “Syreta’s story is one of resilience and humanity. She has taken some of the worst circumstances and turned them into a fruitful life - and she wants to do the same for others like her. Syreta is seeking freedom for the family she created while incarcerated, but more than that, she wants to humanize the people our society tries hardest to forget. We must remember and honor them. I am so thankful for Syreta - for the courage and empathy she exudes. Her presentation was impactful and emotional, and inspired me to follow her work and support however I can.”

    - Rachael Myers, Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy


    Syreta epitomizes resilience, transcending the confines of the prison system to flourish in life's opportunities. Her journey is a profound testament to the indomitable human spirit, emerging from the shadows of our industrial prison complex like a canary from the coalmines. Through her experiences, she unveils the harsh realities that tug at our collective conscience and implore us to act. Syreta's narrative not only exposes the stark disparities of privilege but also delves into the intricate web of circumstances that shape the destinies of countless women behind bars. With a focus on those who entered incarceration as young adults—whether rightfully or wrongfully—her poignant storytelling ignites empathy and prompts meaningful reflection on our societal structures.

    - Rachel Zargo

    Marketing & Creative Director